Alumni Spotlight- San Diego Premier Party Rentals (SB17-EMBC)

Elevating from DJ to CEO & Founder

San Diego Premier Party Rentals (SDPPR) is one of the leaders in the party rental industry based out of California, as they go above and beyond in building a strong relationship with their customers. The company provides a memorable and high quality experience for clients by holding the utmost standards to making all its events a huge success. They are looking to scale as an outcome of the owner’s graduation from LIFT DE’s South Bay Fall 2017 Elevate My Business Challenge (EMB Challenge) cohort.

In 2015, Jose Miranda evolved from a DJ to CEO & Founder of an all inclusive party rental company, after receiving feedback from his clientele to expand his talents and start his own small business that would cater to making all facets of a wedding and corporate event perfect with his touch.  During his eight year career as a mobile DJ, Jose witnessed party rental vendors having hiccups in their deliverable. He would come to the rescue by providing chairs, tables and other party supplies at a moment’s notice, making the celebration go on without a hitch . Without any prior experience in this industry nor business management, Jose stumbled upon this endeavor due to his desire to excel in running a business, provide exceptional customer service, and become a community leader.


Learn How to Scale without Losing Customer Relations

Prior to attending the Southbay 2017 EMB Challenge,  SDPPR had been in business for 2 years. At the start of the business, Jose operated out of his home garage in National City, CA.  Within 1 ½ years, the business moved into an office in Chula Vista. Although SDPPR gained an increase in clientele and transitioned into an office, the company faced one major challenge: not knowing how to reach the “next level” of business without adequate knowledge on how to run a business.  Similar to a hamster on its running wheel, SDPPR was a business driven by the demand and orders, with an emphasis in creating a customized experience for each individual client. Initially, Jose joined the EMB Challenge to learn how to run a business from experts since he did not have prior knowledge nor business experience. However, the time spent with his mentors and the LIFT DE team taught him that there was more to growing their company than working in the business.

Under the guidance of LIFT DE Team, SDPPR gained insights on how to work ON the business, not just IN the business.  Matters such as workers compensation, taxes, and insurance was all brand new to Jose. During the EMB Challenge, Jose acknowledged the importance of creating jobs, hiring/retaining talent, and networking in hopes to gain more customers and partners as a funnel to scale the company to the next level.

“I’m proud of developing & growing my team members, improving their lifestyle.” – Jose Miranda


After completing the EMB Challenge, implementing new processes, and learning to work on the business rather than just in it, SDPPR has seen tremendous company growth.  They have created 5 jobs and expanded into a 6,000 sq foot warehouse in National City, which can store and organize much more equipment rentals and creates a larger workspace to produce custom works upon clients’ requests.


From Hamster to Zebra

SDPPR is currently on the journey to dominate the party rental market, by growing to $500K in revenues next year, and up to $3M within the following years.  As Jose has experienced during the time of the program, he recommends that all small business owners network and meet people with different expertise to gain some more perspective on how to improve on yourself and the services provided to the communities you connect with.

“To my other entrepreneurs: It is okay to ask for help and not know all the answers. Plan accordingly.” – Jose Miranda