Founders Bootcamp Alumni Spotlight: MOTEC Auto Care (F16-FBGB)

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Serving the Community With a Small Business

Debbie Wright is the owner of the MOTEC Auto Care, where she provides the ultimate auto service experiencing by sharing her expertise and educating her customers. Debbie found her passion in the industry after struggling to find with employment as single mother of five children. While working at the car dealership and then an auto repair shop, Debbie had found that the industry was saturated with men and lacked a female presence. She saw the opportunity to help close this gap and made the leap of buying her own repair shop to offer a more female-friendly experience.

MOTEC Auto Care has been in business for six years and remains successful by using targeting advertising and maintaining state of the art equipment. Debbie stands out in the automotive industry by appeal to the female customers and continuously offering educational programs for her customers. Her business core impact includes reaching individuals and companies on a larger scale. She wants people to gain insight on their vehicles and learn how to keep them pristine condition. Many people may not know much about their vehicles and could possibly be taken advantage of by other repair shops trying to make their sales quota. After networking with colleagues and talking
with women who do not a lot of knowledge about auto repair and maintenance, Debbie realized that some women were being oversold and had a desire to inform which services are a necessity based on priority. Debbie’s Amazon best-selling book, The Auto Girl’s Ultimate Car Care Guide: 10 Ways to Save Tons of Money on Auto Repair, is a helpful guide that offers awareness and knowledge to those who may need it. She hopes to prevent such incidents for happening as often as they do. By making this one of her priorities to show and teach her customers what is being done to their cars, Debbie is able to make each encounter personalized by building a trusting relationship with her clientele through educating them on their car.

The Importance On Gaining Insights From Others

One of the challenges in business that Debbie faced was the availability of money needed to grow her business. She also lacked in professional guidance to prepare for what to expect while running a business, but managed to overcome such challenges by taking small business courses, hiring a business coach and networking with industry colleagues who were willing to help her. Debbie purchased the business with a small down payment, owner carry back and some credit cards, because she was unable to get a loan to buy the business. Debbie was able to consolidate her debt to an Accion loan and then to a private money loan. Debbie joined the Founders Business Growth Bootcamp to learn how to work on rather than in her business, scale, and work with top Subject Matter Experts on identifying market trends that she may implement for growth. The top two subjects from the Founders Bootcamp where Debbie was able to immediately apply and elevate her business was how to hire/retain talent and improve on operations. After participating in the Bootcamp, Debbie had great results with MOTEC Auto Care. Ever since the Bootcamp, her sales have increased by 25%, she went from three to four employees, and she became WBENC certified. WBENC is the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and it is the largest certifier of women owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs.  By being certified Debbie has been able to make new partnerships and find new larger clients.

Thinking About Your “Exit Plan”

Debbie’s business goals are to double her sales in the next five years, hire one morel technician, and to write a second car care book for new drivers. She plans to teach women (and men) what the need to know through her writing and educational videos. Her advice to small business owners:

“The importance of finding the next customer is vital, so always focus on marketing. It is important to make sure that your customers love what you do and they will be your best sales people through word of mouth.”

– Debbie Wright

Debbie is a prime example of an individual taking the risk to start their own business AND succeeding, she is dedicated and hard- working. Her story is a testament to what we try to achieve here at LIFT Development Enterprises and we wish her continued success. Make sure to check out and Debbie’s book, The Auto Girl’s Ultimate Car Care Guide: 10 Ways to Save Tons of Money on Auto Repair.