Founders Bootcamp Alumni Spotlight: TreoBytes (S18-FBGB)

TreoBytes is a unique company that aims to enrich and inspire today’s youth to get interested in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Led by Founder Ava Mason, TreoBytes has a mission to teach and give underserved students, especially minorities and minority females, a chance to succeed in the STEM field. Her company works with school districts from kindergarten to 12th grade. She believes that if these students are given the resources at an early age, there is a high chance of them developing a lifelong passion.

Ava’s background and experience of more than 20 years in the biochemistry and management sector allowed her to pinpoint what was missing in the market. She realized there was a need for more tech jobs when she was previously working at a Fortune 500 company. And the  gap for minorities and women to succeed in this industry was even wider. When taking her daughter to a summer camp, Ava came to the realization that more girls need to be interested in technology. So, founded TreoBytes to give youth, especially young girls, a pathway into the tech workforce.

TreoBytes differs from other companies and courses by focusing on the end user: the child. Ava wants to give children practical skill sets they can apply immediately, and it does not stop there. The focus is not only on academics, but on how to have a better family life for the parents and the kids. Ava researches what  companies are looking for in technology employees, and incorporates those criteria directly into the curriculum to ensure that the students are gaining skills employers are seeking.

The path TreoBytes has taken has not been an easy one. A major obstacle Ava has had to overcome is receiving funding approval from school districts, as many schools are on tight budgets, opposed to new programs, or have bureaucracy and politics that places their priorities in other focus areas. With Ava’s patience and determination, she has been able to succeed despite these roadblocks by reaching out to superintendents and expanding the program to other regions such as Texas.

In order to take her company to the next level, Ava participated in the Founders Bootcamp. Since 2014, TreoBytes has grown every year; however, Ava did not know how to improve on each sector of her business. Due to the insights she gained from the Bootcamp, Ava was able to peel back certain layers on how to analyze the health of TreoBytes. The most impactful takeaway for her was being able to analyze TreoBytes financial health and implement a recurring revenue model that has won over the approval of several clients.

In the next 3 to 5 years, TreoBytes plans to grow exponentially by expanding throughout Southern California and on-boarding more students. Since Ava’s successful graduation of the Bootcamp, she has hired 7 new facilitators. Since September 2018, the company has already grown by 78% and expects to grow by 100% by December 2018.

Ava’s advice to other small business owners is the following:

“Continue to learn and reach out to others.”

-Ava Mason, TreoBytes

The ability to be vulnerable has been the key for TreoByte’s growth, as that vulnerability allows for new ideas and learning stories to be shared.  She also stated:

“It is okay to not know all the answers and what the future holds; it is necessary to make mistakes and learn from them.”

-Ava Mason, TreoBytes

Without making mistakes you are never taking risks to gain a large reward. Make sure to check out Ava Mason and the TreoBytes Team at to learn more about their great work.