Kathleen Colatrella, LINEA System

Kathleen Colatrella is the CEO and founder of LINEA System. LINEA is a company focused on helping pharmaceutical companies to facilitate clinical trials so that novel medicines can be brought to market faster and help patients.

Paulette Pantoja, Blu Digital Group

Paulette Pantoja is the founder and CEO of Blu Digital Group. They offer in-house software and services for digital media distribution and entertainment. The company’s team has 50+ years of collective experience in digital media management and optimization of the supply chain. Blu Digital Group has been recognized by Inc. 5000, The Los Angeles Business Journal, The San Fernando Business Journal and more.

India Hankins, Dolly Monroe Academy

India Hankins, professionally known as Dolly Monroe, is the founder and CEO of Dolly Monroe Beauty Academy. The school offers licenses to future estheticians in the Florida beauty industry.

Malte Niebelschuetz, Shore Buddies

Bootcamp Member Company Website: Shore-Buddies.com Malte Niebelschuetz is the CEO and founder of Shore Buddies that makes the first-ever stuffed animal made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.  Shore Buddies was founded in 2014 with the mission to save marine life and keep plastics out of the oceans. What was the inspiration for starting your business?  […]

Michelle Carfagno, The Greater Knead

Challenge Member Company Website: www.TheGreaterKnead.com Michelle Carfagno is the founder and CEO of The Greater Knead.  They provide delicious baked goods that are free of the top nine food allergens.  The Greater Knead specializes in pretzels and bagels. What was the inspiration for starting your business?  I started, because my sister and my grandfather were […]

Mitchella Gilbert, OYA Femtech Apparel

Challenge Member Company Website: WearOya.com Mitchella “Mitch” Gilbert is the CEO and Co-founder of OYA Femtech Apparel, which makes high-tech apparel designs that create happy, healthy bodies by using natural ventilation to help prevent bacteria growth and skin irritation. We talked with her about the inspiration for her product line, her experience at Founders First, […]