IT TechPros Spotlight.

IT TechPros Spotlight

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Fall 2018 Founders Bootcamp 2nd Place Winner

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Company Bio: Since 2006, IT TechPros has delivered complete managed I.T. and services around a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, utilities, transportation, educational, legal, commercial construction, financial institutions, along with a variety of other industries.

IT TechPros was founded in 2006 by Kathy and Jeff David in order to provide the best I.T. consulting services for countless industries. Kathy has 9 years of experience in corporate finance working under a financial institution. Her specialization was in business banking where she was able to consult with many businesses concerning their finances, payroll, treasury services, and more. It was just a matter of time before Kathy wanted to open up her own business. Jeff started his IT career with a financial institution where he landed a position for a global IT firm. Kathy left her job and she and Jeff decided to combine their talents to solve the need for IT services. The significant issue that most small businesses face is that they can’t afford to bring someone on full time to meet their IT needs. This is why IT TechPros can be a useful resource because of their expertise in the 8 different aspects of IT. When small businesses hire IT TechPros, they have a whole IT department at their disposal.

Kathy has been able to create a marketing and accounting department all in the last 12 months. This was a tremendous milestone for Kathy because they have been able to reach their marks as they look to scale. IT TechPros has doubled their team in the last 2 years. In order to reach this level of growth, Kathy had to come to grips with the fact that she needed to shift her mindset. Now she has more clarity and a better vision of how to reach her goals. Initially Kathy was used to running her company from a managerial or worker mindset, but once she realized the importance of utilizing more of a leader-centric mindset, she never turned back. These different ways of operating forced Kathy to think more strategically about how to run her company. Abandoning a scarcity mindset has also made a big difference. Overcoming this has led Kathy to make better hiring choices to fit with company culture.

Kathy was intrigued by the idea of joining the Founders Bootcamp, especially due to the fact that she could go through it with her team. Many other programs she tried in the past only allowed her to go through them. By being able to bring along other key members of her team, they were all able to take in the knowledge and tactics. The aspect of this became sort of a team-building exercise for IT TechPros. Instead of having to deliver the knowledge to the team, she was able to give access to all her team members to go over and watch all of the modules. After graduating from the program, Kathy has begun rewriting processes for all of the departments. The growth manual that was provided to IT TechPros has been effective in their efforts to scale. Another important piece from the Bootcamp was delegation that really resonated with Kathy. She is also grateful for the coaching calls she received in the program that helped her follow through with her plans.

The future is exciting for Kathy and the rest of IT TechPros. Kathy believes that in the coming years they will be a multimillion dollar company that may look to enter different cities beyond San Diego. Currently, Kathy is building an online course for small businesses to give them all of the tools they need to support their IT foundation. She realized the need for a recurring revenue stream from the Bootcamp and that is where she came up with the idea for the course. Kathy commends the Bootcamp for leveraging technology to their advantage because the sessions are all online. If Kathy missed a meeting she was able to go back and watch the recordings. Compared to other business accelerator programs, Kathy would have to commute far distances. Not only that but the Bootcamp provided financial reports for all the participants and taught what the reports mean.

Kathy has pretty clear advice for other small business owners, and it is to challenge your own mindset. Having an open mind while also continuing to learn is an effective way to grow your business. Kathy is pleasantly surprised with the Bootcamp’s process and she is extremely thankful for all that she has learned. Kathy’s story to leave her job and start up her own company is an inspiration to us at LIFT DE. Her dedication and hard work has left her with tremendous success that will keep on coming. Check out IT TechPros at to fulfill your IT needs.

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