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FastPath Purpose.

The 4-week program provides you with a wider range of insights that can be easily applied to your business to help increase your revenue, expand into new markets, and scale your company. Instead of working in your business, you will take a step back to work on your business. The program helps companies reach new growth goals by implementing our business performance methodologies. We strive to help your company become a major contributor to the local economy so you can help and serve the ones around you. As a part of our Founders First family, you will be provided with invaluable support and guidance to reach the next level. The FastPath Program is strategically designed to make you think bigger and outside of the box, which may be challenging, but it will be well worth it. 

Who is it for?

FastPath is for B2B, service-based companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 million. If you are ready to lead your company’s growth by inspiring a culture of agility and organizational change and potentially secure up to $1 million in growth capital (in tranches of up to $250K each), we will help you lead your business into the next phase of growth. The program focuses on the role of a diverse Founder/Owner, President, and CEO leading a business which has progressed beyond the startup phase. Growth is not a linear process. It requires planning, experimentation, taking measured risks, and changes in a company’s team behavior. The FastPath program draws upon the expertise of its founders, facilitators, and industry research to provide a hands-on learning experience. 


The 4-week, intensive online cohort provides modules that are carefully structured for you to simulate growth ideas for your company, gather feedback from other participants, analyze results with facilitators and peers, as well as share the results of your experience with fellow participants. **By the end of the 4 weeks, participants will have:**

  • Understanding of agile management in the development of growth plans
  • Detailed growth marketing and sales initiatives
  • Innovate, useful business model
  • Recurring revenue built into their business

Location & Tuition:

FastPath Programs are held online with an in-person Pitch Day and graduation reception.

The tuition is $4,500 US ($375 – $1,000 if qualified for a scholarship), per company (CEO and key team member).

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Program Summary.

The cohort-based program consists of five (5) modules over 4-weeks that focuses on business growth. The FastPath program draws upon the expertise of its founders, facilitators, and industry research to provide a hands-on learning experience. 

Subjects covered by the Program Facilitator and Subject Matter Experts, will explain new strategies, concepts, and techniques you should consider when applying for Founders First funding. The course is offered exclusively on an “invitation-only” basis. FastPath is a unique program designed to help you put learnings into action and action into growth with the opportunity to secure growth capital to realize enterprise and leadership goals. The immersive learning experience focuses on the use of agile customer development in the development of 3-year growth plans including marketing and sales initiatives, innovative business models, and recurring revenue models.  

Workshop Highlights.

Each week the hands-on modules consist of lectures, case study discussions, group exercises, and a service company business growth simulation. You will focus on realizing company growth, leadership potential,  and financial success. The five modules are outlined below.  

Module 1 – Growth Behaviors
Module 2 – Growth Strategies
Module 3 – Tools for Managing Growth
Module 4 – People, Opportunity, Context, Deal
Module 5 – 3 Year Growth Plan

FastPath is designed to provide skills, tools and perspectives that support large-scale growth, as well as preparation and application to potential funding sources in support of business growth. It is designed to help you define the DNA of the growth behaviors and evaluate how these behaviors are facilitating or inhibiting a sustainable growth system within your organization. 

Upon completion of the program, you will become part of a network of members who are FastPath certified.  After the program, you will be scheduled for participation in our post program that consists of the following: 

  • Three, 1-on-1 coaching calls with the Program Facilitator with the focus on optimizing your 90 days and 1st year of your 3-year playbook 
  • Review SWOT issues, Small Business Improvement Canvas, 3-year growth playbook from 90 day and 1st year growth challenges, assumptions, and potential solutions 
  • One, 1-on-1 coaching call with Kim Folsom on funding and exit preparedness 
  • Review 3-year growth plan as it relates to funding and exit planning 
  • Access to the FUUUSE platform, all recorded cohort presentations, and materials for a period of 12 months 

Notes: There may be additional coaching sessions provided. 

If you receive a term sheet at the conclusion of the program, you will receive monthly coaching calls and may be connected to some of our resources as part of our Expansion Advisory Program. 


Join the largest national platform for growing businesses led by diverse founders.

“My experience at FastPath was excellent, I found the material to be insightful and helped me come back to looking at my business again from the top line and defining not only how to move forward with growth but also looking at how to make better business decisions daily.  Founders First has a set of people who have a lot of connections, capabilities, and advice for entrepreneurs that will be on-going.”

Michelle Frame – Victus Ars

“The FastPath program has been exceptional, it’s been an opportunity for me to take a step back and really focus on developing my business into a middle market company.  It’s worth making an investment in the FastPath program, you will come away with an amazing pitch deck that you can use to raise additional capital or bring on additional partners. There is tons of value in creating a powerful pitch deck.”

Liliana Monge– Sabio Enterprises, Inc

Founders First FastPath Program.

An Executive Program in Financing & Managing Growth.

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