Kim Roxie, Lamik Beauty.

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Member Spotlight: Kim Roxie

Founder of Lamik Beauty

Company Website:

Lamik Beauty supports and celebrates women in all of their glory. Lamik Beauty is building an inclusive community for women across the country. Lamik Beauty is passionate about serving this community. Lamik Beauty is creating the highest quality products with the purest ingredients. Lamik Beauty is devoted to promoting the health of our customers and their communities. Lamik Beauty educates our customers with love and care.

Kim Roxie is a Kitty Fund National Grant recipient.

Can you please introduce yourself and your business and the date it was founded?
I’m Kim Roxie, the founder of LAMIK Beauty, which stands for Love And Makeup In Kindness. We are a clean-colored cosmetic brand manufactured in the US, and we launched nationally in March 2020.

What inspired you to start your own business?
What inspired me to start this business was my experience running my own makeup store in Houston for over a decade. I opened it when I was 21 years old, driven by the desire to reveal the beauty of women every day. It brought me a strong sense of fulfillment and joy, not just for myself but for all the women it served. My own mother even supported me by giving me $500 to start the store. During the time I had the store, my mom developed metastatic breast cancer. We were unaware of any family history of the disease, so we decided to investigate the products she had been using, including beauty products. To our surprise, we discovered that 75% of beauty products marketed to women of color contained toxic ingredients. This revelation led me to create the makeup line I wished my mom had access to, and it became my inspiration. After running the store for 14 years and receiving positive feedback on my own products from women in my hometown, I made the decision in March 2020 to launch my makeup brand nationally.

How has your identity impacted your journey so far?
My journey in entrepreneurship is influenced by the statistics surrounding funding for black women, which is often below 1% in terms of venture capital and other funding sources. However, I personally try not to dwell on these statistics because I have a customer base to satisfy. In fact, McKinsey and Company conducted a comprehensive report indicating a market share opportunity of $2.6 billion for a makeup line or beauty company to tap into. This market potential primarily caters to consumers, especially black women, who are willing to spend $2.6 million on products that truly meet their needs. 

For me, I focus on the fact that this McKinsey report also highlights that black consumers are twice as likely to support a beauty company founded by a black entrepreneur because they trust them more. I pay attention to what the market is signaling, and although I recognize that we may need to work harder due to existing challenges, I don’t internalize all of these difficulties. Instead, my mindset remains dedicated to meeting the needs of my customers and creating a clean makeup line that I know is essential in this industry. 

Being black is an integral part of my identity, and I draw strength from my ancestors who overcame significant challenges. This heritage serves as a source of inspiration and motivation as I continue my journey in entrepreneurship.

Can you share any challenges you have faced as a business owner and how you have overcome them?
Challenges, you know, can arise almost every day, especially in business. There always seems to be a problem to solve. I recall that when we launched in March of 2020, I was accustomed to the in-person interactions I had when running a physical store. Consequently, one of the challenges I faced was, “How can I attract customers online?” 

To address this challenge, I decided to turn on my camera and began hosting Facebook Live sessions where I showcased and sold my products. What I found was that many times, when a challenge presents itself, it also brings with it opportunities for creativity and innovation. In my case, this initiative not only helped me overcome the challenge but also positioned me as somewhat of a trendsetter. 

As I started live selling on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people began to take notice and inquire about how I managed to do it. Eventually, this approach became something I became known for and even led to a feature on CBS Mornings. So, despite my initial concern about how to attract customers without in-person interaction, creating that live show on social media proved to be a successful solution.

Can you share how the grant funds you earned benefited you along your business journey? 
For me, I know that Kim does that Kitty Fund grant to honor her mother. So, to me, it’s really special. I’m creating this makeup line in memory of my mother, so for me, it was a perfect alignment. The grant just shows that we’re being recognized. I’m not invisible; people see the work I’m doing, and they’re paying attention. They see what we’re accomplishing, and they notice the impact we’re making. That’s what the grant really means to us. We were able to use it for tangible things like labels and other necessities within our company to keep us going. So, while the grant is monetary, it’s also incredibly monumental for the journey Kim is on and for how I’m honoring my mother.

Can you offer any advice for other entrepreneurs who are just starting their business journey?
My advice is to become part of a community, especially within the field of entrepreneurship. You’ll encounter situations like I mentioned every day. Building a team is essential – it’s something you must do, and you’ll want to discuss it. You’ll also receive various feedback from customers, and sometimes, it’s valuable to consult with someone who has experience dealing with similar customers. So, I strongly recommend joining a community. I believe it’s crucial for entrepreneurs because it shows you’re not alone in your challenges. It provides mental support and helps you formulate better strategies. Additionally, it can benefit your revenue generation by offering opportunities for brainstorming within your community. So, in summary, I emphasize the importance of being part of a community.

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