Pit Crew IT Services Spotlight.

Pit Crew IT Services Spotlight

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February 2020 FastPath Alumni

Company Website: https://pitcrewit.com/

Company Bio:  Pit Crew is the fastest growing provider of managed IT services specializing in small and mid-sized businesses in and around the Texas area. Since inception, we have strived to challenge the status quo and develop an organization that focuses on customer service just as much as we do technology. By combining best of breed technology with a passion for customer service, we are able to provide reliable, cost-effective, scalable solutions at an affordable price point.

Their crew members and culture play a big part as well. They hire a very unique group of people that have a rare mix of people skills and technical skills. As a team they make it their mission to constantly improve the level of service provided to clients.

Pit Crew IT Services was doing very well as a business, but they wanted to achieve a higher level of success. Lack of strategic guidance as it relates toward a path to growth proved to be a big challenge, and their business model was not scalable. After completing the Founders FastPath program, the company was able to implement improved productivity strategies that increase overall customer satisfaction, and maintain a seven figure revenue, despite Covid-19 challenges.

Pit Crew IT Services has been providing information technology services to small and mid-sized businesses in San Antonio, TX since 2005. Starting as a hobby for Eric Murica and his brother-in-law, the company quickly grew and became successful. Pit Crew’s goal is to provide the same level of IT support to smaller businesses that larger companies receive. Smaller companies tend to have smaller budgets, so affordability is key to their survival. With several long-standing customers spanning 10+ years, Pit Crew understands that their clients’ success means success for them as well.

Pit Crew had a vision of reaching the next level of growth, but they didn’t have a path to get going about getting there. Being a diverse business owner created challenges with finding mentors, and also affected company sales. In addition, their business was not scalable, and it was taking tremendous effort to achieve good results. Their business methods were unsustainable.

One of the biggest issues Pit Crew faced was in the area of productivity. It was taking 500% effort to achieve good results. 18-20 hour work days/ 7 days a week were common. With a limited number of hours in each day, the business could not grow beyond a certain point. This also created a poor work-life balance for the owners.

Pit Crew realized they would need mentorship to reach the next level, and that the FastPath “Founders First Growth MindSet” aligned with their company’s core values. The FastPath program provided the education and guidance needed for success. The simulator exercise was key in highlighting how a small change in one area of the company can strongly impact other areas.

Pit Crew was able to quickly implement their lessons from FastPath. They were able to reduce the hours they spent working by almost 2/3, while increasing productivity. Necessary personnel changes were made. The company is on track to generate >$1M in annual revenue despite Covid-19 challenges. Within 2 months of completing
the program, their client satisfaction rate rose by 12%.

Through the Founders FastPath program, Pit Crew IT Services was able to quickly increase productivity and customer satisfaction while reducing hours, all within a challenging business climate. If you are a diverse business owner generating $1M+ in revenue wanting to reach the next level of success, please contact Founders First FastPath today at foundersfirstcdc.org/fastpath.

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